Andy is apparently the kind of idiot who will stand in the snow with no coat for the sake of a good photo.

Apart from that, everything she knows about VFX, game development, animation, and really anything to do with a computer is self-taught. She went to school for film production and was pretty good at it but here we are.

She has a collection of over 300 physical games on consoles from the NES to the Xbox 360 and will not hesitate to tell you all about the struggles of finding games for the Saturn.

She also spent a lot of time during and after college doing improv comedy, but knows how annoying that can be to hear about and promises not to bring it up.


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Resume and links to works!

Code Samples

Full of C#!

Procedural Level Generation

Read about the procedural level generation I developed for a forthcoming game!

Xtreme Paddleball

Get the VR game people have called "better than it has any right to be!"

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